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References – Should or Shouldn’t I?

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References – Should or Shouldn’t I?

So you’ve been asked to provide a reference for an ex or even current employee.  When you receive the reference request, you sigh and your emotions about the person get the better of your imagination, before you compose your thoughts, reality kicks in.

You want to put pen to paper in the reference and tell the story, explain how incompetent or troublesome they are/were, however, something in the back of your mind stops you and instead you think to yourself about not providing a reference, but then again, your uncertain as to whether or not the law requires you to provide a reference.

All of this “Should or Shouldn’t I?” thinking about this reference has probably taken up 5 to 20 or even 30 minutes of your invaluable time already, and that’s without finding the facts and completing the reference…  not forsaking distracted you from your business.

Many businesses using our services, use our Advisors to deal with such reference requests. Not only does it remove the emotion, hassle and wasted time, it also ensures you don’t need to worry about being compliant.  Your Duty of Care is protected by our business and if we need to tell the facts and truth you know it will be done with the best results without risk to your business or you personally being sued for defamation, discrimination, victimization, malicious falsehood or negligence.

MercuryHR, Hampshire HR Consultants, can help you by providing all references on behalf of your company. Should you need help don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Spreading The Love

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heart-268151_960_720Spreading the Love with Outsourced HR Services

Is it acceptable to type the word ‘LOVE’ in the same sentence as ‘EMPLOYEE’ or ‘EMPLOYER’?

Isn’t love something you leave at home or with your family and friends? Should Employers ‘love’ their employees? Should employees ‘love’ their Employer?  Wow! Is there even a right answer? Probably not! In our humble experience, if employees feel valued and wanted, this can amount to a type of ‘love’. We all desire this surely? A sense that we belong, a sense that someone cares for us, about our day, about our future, about our growth? Employers that already have strategies and mechanisms in place to permit such senses to Employees, tend to have the advantage over their competitors who do not, and when it comes to attrition, they will certainly have the upper hand, particularly if the HR team are equipped at branding and marketing of the Company. How do you spread the love? How will you show your appreciation for your staff above and beyond paying them?

At MercuryHR, Hampshire HR Consultants, we have regular pay reviews in line with ability and aptitude, we invest in personal development, extra benefits for service length, we have regular away day/team events, ad-hoc recognition gifts, birthday acknowledgements with gifts, sporadic early finishes, not forsaking assisting with food and refreshments for the office, throwing in the occasional breakfast or meal and we are very sensitive to family needs. We strive to be a sought after employer and we learn a lot from our staff, their feelings, their opinions and feedback. As a company with people at the heart of what we do, we will always create new ways of spreading the love.