Employees sometimes ‘swing the lead’, ‘try and pull a fast one’ why?

– Money
– Frustration
– Upset
– Because they can

As an Employer what can you do about it?

– Investigate and possibly carry out ethical and lawful surveillance


– Sickness absence
– Absence without authorisation
– ‘Moonlighting’ or unlawfully working for another company, whether competitor
– Fraud and dishonesty
– Timewasting
– Bullying and/or harassment
– Bribery and/or corruption
– Health and safety concerns

Mercury HR can help you with your investigation by…

  1. Explaining and helping you be clear about how much investigation is required
  2. Guiding you through confidentiality and data protection
  3. Advising who should conduct an investigation/or doing this for you
  4. Advising you about any ‘suspension’ action you may need to take
  5. Helping you or guiding you on how to obtain evidence, statements, photo’s, video, electronic information, electronic data and monitoring
  6. Advising you about ‘reluctant’ witnesses
  7. Advising you and helping you through the rights of the employee being investigated, such as Human Rights, Employment Law