Quite often we are called upon to provide HR Process Design Services.  This is usually a requirement by organsiations who have existing HR resources and who wish to audit existing processes or design new ones that are fit for purpose.

Our HR process design skills are second to none.  Our industry and people management experience and understanding of culture and people behaviour puts us in the best position to enhance existing processes and design new ones.

Lets ask you some questions…

  1. How are our people management policies and processes contributing to your business performance?
  2. What policies and processes should you implement to improve performance?
  3. Why should the relationship between HR and performance matter in your organisation?
  4. How can you improve this relationship?

In order to improve individual performance, their workgroup and the wider organisation, people must have:


–        ability: in terms of skills and knowledge

–        motivation

–        opportunity/incentive


These factors are key to organisational commitment and job satisfaction, which in turn encourage the kind of discretionary behaviour that results in improved work performance.

Effective HR management policies and practices can reinforce these factors. The existence of effective and appropriate HR management policies and practices does not in itself guarantee improved individual performance and it is, therefore, critical that Managers apply these policies and practices satisfactorily and consistently.

Source: CIPD 2012