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Does responsibility for Social Fun at work rest with the Employer?

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With the Industrial Revolution, we saw long days of working, regardless of wellbeing and health, employees working in fear of being dismissed. We saw dangerous working practices and work, unsafe facilities and buildings, poor lighting, dirty and full of disease and lets not forget child labor.   The focus was very much on productivity or output.  It’s fair to say the needs and requirements of people was neglected.  Social Activity was kept outside the workplace and certainly these places were not a place of ‘fun’, in fact quite the opposite.

We are along way from these old fashioned ways, however, for some in the world, lets not forget these places can exist.

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum said “We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to one another.”

In the UK, today, we find ourselves as Employers, embracing something different.  Not all Employers embrace this movement.  This transformation in the workplace is happening at pace and around the globe. It is likely to take prisoner the Employer who does not embrace the change and foster new ways of conducting business through instilling a sense that work should be enjoyable and workplaces fun, filled with opportunity to interact and build a community driven social hive.

The likes of Google, Apple and Microsoft all embracing the ethos of creating opportunity for employees to create and foster social/fun in the workplace, suggests that the responsibility for social/fun rests with the Employer, but this comes at great influence from attracting and retaining the absolute best candidates in their field.

As an Employer, what are you doing to embrace this movement? What initiatives are you putting in your workplace to embrace and instill fun and social interaction?

Blog By Adele Theobald – Director of Mercury HR

We Won!

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Joy for local Hampshire HR consultants, Mercury HR. Last week on Wednesday 12th November 2014 Mercury HR won an ‘amazing people’ award from the Education Business Partnership (EBP) Portsmouth for its commitment to hosting and participating in work experience. The award ‘Amazing People involved in hosting or participating in work experience’ was given to us at Mercury HR for our determination to make each individual work experience placement a success, a learning curve and an overwhelming experience for the learner.

At Mercury HR we like to get involved with education as often as we can as we feel the next generations will have one of the biggest parts to play the world will ever see. The EBP is just one amazing way for us to get involved, we’d like to thank the EBP Portsmouth for their fantastic work and the great partnership we’ve managed to develop with themselves and various other businesses. We are very proud of winning an award for our commitment to education.