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The Start Of Growth…

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Over the last few months we have been busy supporting and promoting the start of growth within our Clients and we are very excited about the coming months.  Not only does this present us with some interesting HR, Development and Recruitment challenges, it brings with it amazing opportunities and the space to be creative about retention of employees and attraction of new talent.  We are very excited about the days, months and year ahead for our Clients and glad you chose local Hampshire HR Consulstants, Mercury HR, to help you bring and integrate change. Thank you!

Nominated for Amazing People and Business Awards

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It feels such a welcomed delight of a dessert to be nominated for the Amazing People and Amazing People awards.  Bringing tears to ones eyes when reading what others really think of you, without prompt, cohesion or  bribe!  Such an uplift to the team… not that one was needed but it just serves to remind the team of the appreciation felt for the team, the company and the mission.

With a mission to touch as many UK Businesses as possible with our way of thinking, working and approaching employment and people , its amazing to know that what we do internally and externally, really works well!