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5 Tips On Winter Wellbeing

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  1. One of the best ways to keep stubborn colds away from your head and chest, is to have a daily amount of vitamin C. Oranges have a high volume of the beneficial vitamin, eat lots of rich vitamin fruits and also try to hit that 5 a day. Eating fruits like bananas are an excellent way to release energy slowly throughout the day meaning you will be more productive and less sluggish. Why not make a fruit salad the night before for your 11 O’clock snack the next day?
  2. It is important that your workplace has good ventilation during the winter, but that’s not a suggestion to keep the windows wide open and freeze. Opening them for 5 minutes a few times a day can refresh the air in the room. Ventilation keeps germs from harbouring in the same place for too long. Try opening office doors when meetings aren’t taking place too!
  3. Employees should use antibacterial gel regularly to keep nasty germs at bay. The importance of personal hygiene should be emphasised at this time of the year, re- print those faded hand wash signs in the staff toilet…
  4. At Mercury, we keep a box of cold and flu sachets and tablets at the ready for employees who may begin to feel under the weather. Try and catch it quickly to avoid taking days off work.
  5. Temperatures have to be regulated at work to ensure good employee wellbeing and good health. Although this can be difficult in the winter, if your office tends to be cold invest in some mini electric heaters, but don’t forget to turn them off at the end of the day!